Helping You Discover & Develop Your Purpose & Create a Business You Love

Purpose & Passion : Create A Business You Love

You Know You Can Be More & Do More

You Know Theres More To Life

You Feel Like Somethings Missing

Step 1 ~ Foundation

Discover your Purpose

Step 2 - Niche

Develop your Purpose

Step 3 - Business

Establish Your Purpose Business

Step 4 - Market With Heart

You know you want to build your heart centered business but you dislike the idea of marketing.

Organic marketing honours your & your clients value, vision, and voice. So you can grow your business from a place of strength, confidence and passion


No matter where you are on your journey we have a full holistic roadmap for you because we believe that you were born to be your own unique, prosperous hero who’d like to make a difference .

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No matter where you are on your journey to living your authentic, prosperous life on purpose,, whether you have no idea what your passion & purpose is or you need help with setting up or marketing your purpose business we have an easy to follow roadmap for you

Train to Be a Holisitic Personal & Business Health & Wellness Coach

If you have no idea what your passion and purpose is but you know you’d like to make a difference or leave a legacy then this might be for your.
Train to be a Holisitc Health & wellness coach or trainer . Easy to follow step by step training to help you own and open you own holistic wellness business

About Me


I’m Kimberley Stapleton,

Founder of Holistic Personal & Business Wellness Coaching Academy

Using proven and tested techniques together we wil change your lifes journey and make a difference in the life of other.

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“I’ve Had So Many Revelations During This Course…” it amazes me. You put it in a way I could finally understand and apply. And the list goes on. You have a real gift. Thank you!”

Caroline T

“I never knew I had this in me, words can’t describe how fulfilled I feel”

“What Can I actually say ?? I have so much energy, I’m sure even my cat doesn’t recognize me “

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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